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The origin of the official logo of Lamborghini & Klima-Lounge®

In 1948 Ferruccio Lamborghini founded a company in Cento (Bologna) to manufacture tractors, after buying engines from Morris military vehicles that came from World War II, he had his first logo created.

The first official Lamborghini logo appeared in 1948 and was used until 1971 under the direction of Ferruccio Lamborghini. It consisted of a triangle in which each of the three sectors contained the initials of "Ferruccio Lamborghini Cento".

The original division of the company and the brand "Lamborghini Trattori" were then sold in 1971 to one of its competitors, SAME, and continue to exist successfully to this day.

The company Klima-Lounge® has acquired the rights to the logo/brand FLC® in Germany and in many other countries around the world since 2020 and continues this, among other things, for the restoration, manufacture and certification of classic Lamborghini tractors, land vehicles and forklifts and their spare parts from that time historically as a world market leader. Furthermore, through the FLC® brand, the development of new business areas and the granting of licensing rights takes place

to the certifications

"Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini SpA", founded in 1963 in Sant' Agata Bolognese (Bologna); the great success behind this brand is due to the partnership with the great designer Bertone and the engine designer Bizzarrini. For this new branch, Paolo Rambaldi was commissioned to design the logo; he chose the bull as the zodiac sign of the founder and at the same time symbol of aggressiveness, represented in its combative stance within a red shield with a black outline.

The logo with the bull was then later adopted for the tractors as well, and it still stands today. In the past years, it has been adapted or slightly modified in terms of graphics and font.

Automobili Lamborghini and Tonino Lamborghini hold the trademark rights.

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